Fred Goss

About Me

I began as an actor but I've focused more on my writing and directing over the last few years.
As an actor, I've been a series regular on three series.
Significant Others (Bravo 2003, 2004)
Sons & Daughters (which I also wrote and created for ABC in 2005, 2006)
Carpoolers (ABC 2007, 2008)
I'm not opposed to acting but it has to be something really special to get me to shave on a daily basis.

In 2008, 2009 I had an overall deal at Disney for TV development. 

I've been pitching shows and guest directing TV for the last couple years.  I'm prepping a low budget feature which would be my first feature credit as a writer/director.
(Very excited about that.)

As I mentioned, if you want a really detailed account of my credits you should go to IMDB.

The one thing it doesn't list there is that I've directed over a hundred commercials in the last few years.  Coke Zero, Cox Communications, VW, Crowne Plaza, Qwest, AT&T, KFC, Burger King, Gain, Milo's Kitchen, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Kraft,

If you want to see my commercial reels go to
for my work in the states.
you can go to
for my work in Canada
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